Unexpected greatness

Last Sunday while The DH shopped at Biltema, I went to ICA Maxi Botkyrka to buy some bread. Just inside the turnstiles there was some bargain bins and one of them hold bottles of nailpolishes, brandname Paris Memories. Who can resist to check it out when the sign said "20 Kr each"?? Not me. Lots of not Wolfie colors, but I found one brown with a metallic sheen and a dark cerise pink with a purple hue and bought them both. For polishes that cheep, you don't expect anything. But not only was it soooo easy to apply, it covered better than most polishes I own - 1 coat could have been enough and - it have stayed almost unblemished from Sunday to today, Friday. Some minor tip war on the left hand and two tiny chips on the right due to cooking ;-)They don't have a name, just a number on the bottom of the bottle and the brown one is  29.

Stamped with China Glaze Passion and picture was taken yesterday in the garage at work ;-o

It's going to be sooo interesting to see if the pink one behaves the same.

Wolfie in Sweden
where in our parts the wind blows and the rain is ice cold and in abundance :-( In the northern parts it was snowing yesterday! I just hate this time of the year......

Recent paintjobs

After spent the summer with only Borghese Hydrati on my nails and the poor suckers still looked like filo pastry, I decided to get back to paint them. Not that it makes them healthier (at least I think so), but at least several layers of polish do keep them "glued" together.
First one: Color Club "Be Bold" stamped with China Glaze "Hi Tek":

Second one : OPI "Black Tie Optional" stamped with China Glaze "Joy":

Third and latest:
You know that I have this hate/love thing going on with Zoya polishes - it never dried and it chipped instantly. Well, I gave up and gave them away to our nieces - but not all though. So, I saved just a few because the colors was so awesome and I hoped that maybe by some miracle, they would turn usable over time. So I bought out "Jules"  - two coats of Hydrati, two coats of Jules and one coat of Seche Vite. Then I stamped with Essie "Little Brown Dress" and one more coat of Seche Vite. And this time it dried and even though some minor chips fell of after a day or so, the overall mani stayed put for 5 days = small yayyy.

Rest assured, there are more to come ;-)

Gone with the wind

If anyone might wonder why the lack of post for the longest of times, it's cause my nails still refuse to behave. No matter Borghese Hydrati or not, some of them simply don't get better, but continue to peel and break. Of course, they do look better with polish on top, but that only hides the state of them. And during the summer times, but at home by the pool and on vaccation, I can't bring myself to continue to upkeep the polish.
The only thing that is better now than before the summer is the cuticles, no matter my total negligence when it comes to hand cream or cuticle oil the still have healed and look nice..I think I need to shape up with the hand cream though, my age is starting to show - on the back of my hands -  too LOL.


Is one of the areas where my employer has a program to contribute to a better world for all of us.

But for me it's also a way to describe how long a nail polish lasts on my nails ;-) After going crazy with both filopastry like peeling nails and several posh polishes don't delivering (with issues like drying time (if ever) and chipping), I found that the Hydrati base coat from Borghese is a little miracle Not that it has worked wonders on all nails, four are still flaking and breaking down to the quick nor has it made all awfull polishes working better. But still - some Zoyas that never worked before, now lasts 5-6 days without any wear and that alone is something to be happy about. And four nails on my left hand has stopped to peel completely and grows nicely.

So with two layers of Hydrati, NP of choice that works with that base coat and two layers of Seche Vite, my mani stays great for 5-6 days in a row. Yayyyy :-D

Rescue Beauty Lounge

When I was young and - ignorant?? with nicely longish nails, I splurged every now and then on polishes from Dior and Chanel. Figured out that it was better to have a great (even though even back then über xpensive) polishes that I used every single drop of, than cheeper ones that didn't work.

I thought the same thing went today, that price somehow equaled quality even when it comes to nail polishes. After tried some middle range ones like Zoya, China Glaze and Color Club, but when opportunity rose in form of an offer from a Swedish polish "club", I fell for the temptation and ordered six (but got only five) of them. When the package arrived I even managed to save them for Christmas, feeling that I was going to give myself something really special.

But these danged buggers just don't work. Not when I got them and not when I tried them with a different base coat earlier this week. After less than an hour, my nails looked like this:

the middle finger worst of them all. I used Seche Vite on the top and everything was dry. And no, I had not let my hands done any hard work at all, just read a book. I think the thing is that the polish didn't quite adhere to the nails, just formed a kind of floating layer......very very strange.

Never again will I buy such xpensive NP.....dream about them maybe, but not buying.

Surkärring??? Moi??

Ibland känner jag mig som en riktigt vresig surkärring, för det finns en hel del jag inte gillar i nagelvärlden. Sånt som många andra nagelfreaks ohhhar och aaahhhhar över.

Som - jag gillar inte side-by side manikyrer (ser verkligen urskumt ut) och inte heller där man målar "månen" i en färg och resten av nageln i en annan eller underliga "franska" varianter. Jag gillar inte tjocka fakenaglar, ska det va så ska det vara tunt och så verkligt som möjligt.....men fake där man bäddat in spets, det är ändå för snyggt:-) Fake som ser ut som fågelklor går fett bort - vem i hela fridens namn kom på den idén??

Jag tycker verkligen inte om gula lack, eller oranga eller klarröda ....eller vita om man inte har dekorerat dom förstås. Blåa är snygga men ett rent h-vete att ta bort. Avskyr lack som börjar flagna efter mindre än 24 timmar och lika illa är det med lack som inte torkar inom en rimlig tid (eller inte torkar alls) trots man har samma under- och överlack hela tiden.

Sen kan jag bara inte fatta hur det kommer sig att olika lack av samma producent (som Zoya och China Glaze) beter sig så vansinnigt olika? Somliga torkar, andra gör det inte. Somliga håller, andra flisar efter bara några timmar. "Vem ska man tro på tro på tro på, tro på när, tro på när allt är så här?" fritt efter Thomas di Leva ;-)

Nu har jag då bara köpt ett (i mina ögon) superdyrt märke på lack (RBL) och vilken besvikelse! Det var tamejden de absolut sämsta lacken (i höjd med H&M samt Vero Modas) jag nånsin provat. Första flagan föll efter drygt en timme och då hade jag ändå Seche Vite på toppen. Snacka om totalt bortkastade pengar :-(

Köpa nagelprodukter (eller tyger, tråd, böcker mm) i Sverige det gör jag bara inte. För inte ens om tullen lägger sina giriga små tassar på ett paket, så blir det hela ändå runt 30-50% billigare att köpa från USA. Fast böckerna köper jag från Amazon.uk för det mesta.

Som slutkläm så tycker jag starkt illa om två av mina naglar som fortsätter att skiva och gå sönder, trots det smått mirakulösa Borghesi "Hydrati" som baslack. Säger som min yngste gjorde när han var en pyttis "dua,dua dom!!"

Nu ska jag ha mig en kopp thé och en kanelbulle eller två :-D Och ja, det här blev på svenska - fråga mig inte varför för jag har ingen aaaaaaning.

Corporate color

Morning all,
Now how many people do you know who goes to work wearing the corporate color on their nails? I did. Unintentional. And - the polish lasted all week long. Put it on on Sunday, the pic is taken yesterday. Only one little chip on the middle finger - that's it:

Two layers of Borghesi Hydrati, Zoya Midori two layers stamped with SdP 404 and China Glaze Passion. If I had been really true to the company colors, I would have used a silver polish for stamping ;-p

Since I found the Hydrati base coat, I have been testing my way through the Zoya left overs, and by some mysterious reason, they suddenly work...except one...so far.

Have a lot to do, but not very much energy to actually do them, so I think I snuggle up under a blanket and dream of the FQ bundle that is on it's way across the sea:-)

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